Guest Appearance at Prepperchicks and

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May 31 2013

I will be the guest on this coming Tuesday’s edition of the Prepperchicks podcast!

You can listen to the June 4th 8:00-9:00 AM ETinterview here: Chicks



I’ll also be discussing the book and economic issues that preppers need to be concerned with in next Friday’s podcast, details to follow!


Urban Camoflage

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May 28 2013

To go along with the Gray Man video:

How to be a gray man

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May 28 2013

From Wetsu, a survival instructor at Tactical Response:



I took one of his classes last year, it was very good!

Sneak Preview

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May 28 2013

So, lots of questions about the book, you can see the first 40% on smashwords or at the link below.  Hope you like it!

The Wayward Journey preview!

If you like it you can get the book on Amazon:

Hardening a door

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May 23 2013

Again, thanks to the Tin Hat Ranch!

For now or after SHTF, here are a couple of ways to harden doors and windows. It might be old hat to some of you but employing some or all of these methods on a door will buy you significant time to respond to the would be intruder.

How to Protect Your House: Part 2 Remain in control

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May 20 2013

Again from our friends over at the Tin Hat Ranch!

SHTF or not, remaining in control during a home invasion takes some preparation. By applying the same concepts used to protect the highest security installations in the world to residential use, this plan is the one you should follow. I didn’t create it, I’ve only adapted it for use by you and I. This video shows you the concept. It may be familiar to some of you.



How to protect your house

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May 15 2013

Thanks to Liberty’s Teeth for the following!


Most people have no idea how to properly put a security plan in place to protect their family and their valuables.  They may aimlessly throw  things at the problem, like locks, security lights and even feel that a  gun is going to save the day.

What if I were to tell you there was a way to almost guarantee you  control and the upper hand in any home invasion scenario?  In this series we aim to do exactly that, give you the control over an assailant in response to a home invasion scenario.  By applying the very same principles used to protect the world’s highest value targets you will have any assailant scratching their head.

And they are here!

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May 10 2013

Ok, after a few changes/setbacks I wasn’t quite ready for the books to be published (I still wanted to get advance copies out to reviewers…) but they are out and available now!

Please take a look, and please help me share this news and get the word out.


Print edition of The Wayward Journey:

Kindle Edition:
*note: There is a small hiccup with the kindle version; you can buy it and everything will be fine on your end but any reviews that go up in the next few days might get wiped out.


Nook and Itunes will be available in the next few days (ok, might be a week or two for Itunes.  They are much slower from what I’ve been told).

How to survive a nuclear bomb/event

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May 09 2013

Thanks to Liberty’s Teeth of the tin hat ranch for putting these together!


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


For more good information I recommend the following books:


Walking a long distance home?

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Apr 29 2013

For those who haven’t had the privilege of reading The Wayward Journey while it was posted on various forums here is a one sentence synopsis.

John is away on a business trip when a devastating earthquake hits at the New Madrid faultline, leaving him 2000 miles away with no easy way to get home.

I just read a nice blog post at that I want to share with everyone.  It is a quick and easy read that gives some good details and ideas.