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4 Responses

  1. R Orozco says:

    Is it possible to contact me by email when book 2 of wayward journey is available for my kindle.

    • nathanhale says:

      You can signup for the mailing list by clicking the link on the sidebar or at There will never be more than 2 emails a month from that list; a standard monthly and a possible second for releases and/or giveaways.


  2. james walton says:

    I am the host of a podcast called I Am Liberty. I would love to have one of you guys on. We very much push success on a community level and I would like to have more people on the show who believe the same thing. You can talk about your current books and also your beliefs. It could be a great opportunity to introduce a nice sized audience to abundant future. Check out our project to strengthen communities at

  3. Ron E Bowman says:

    This is a brand new Patriot Protest Song, with emphasis on The Economic Collapse. I made a long version & a shorter version for “air play”. I made this You Tube Wednesday night July24, 2013:
    Mouse Trap by The Whistleblowers
    We are from Florida where the Stand Your Ground law is under attack. This is going viral in Tallahassee and soon the entire State & Country.
    This is original material all copyrighted and written by me. It is fresh off the grill. I’m giving you permission to use this song anyway you choose. My intent is to share & spread the truth. Below is the Cloud link that contains the audio of the short & long version:
    Please give this a listen. It will be worth your time.
    Thank you,
    Ron E Bowman
    Navarre, FL

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